27 May 2010


it's the last day of school!!!
It really is kind of sad though too, saying by two my sweet fifth graders.
Anwyay, here are some more of my journal pages.
First though, I painted the cover of my journal last night and added the title with wood-grain contact paper.

sweet and simple :)
And here are some pages.
This prompt was all about a memory.
I used a picture that I took when Adam, my mom, my sister and I traveled up to Mass last summer. It was such an amazing trip, full of many little adventures along the way.

This picture was from a field of yellow wild flowers. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the memory is ingrained in my mind forever, it was so beautiful. We had gotten lost somewhere in Pennsylvania and turned a corner to find this :) I knew we were lost for a reason and it was to see this field :)
Today's journal prompt was another, "Today felt.." prompt.

I focused on today being the last day of school and the bittersweet emotions that came along with that. Trust the emotions are waaaaay more sweet than bitter :) I used this cute vintage book page of a boy painting and added some details myself. The rest is done with Japanese washi tape and more wood-grain contact paper.
I usually have my art journal with me at all times and occasionally I will have students ask if they can look through it. I have two fourth grade girl who have become obsessed with the idea of art journaling and created journals of their own!!! I love it.
This is why I teach :)
I told them that I had to have a picture of their journals for my blog and they were so excited.
Look how cute these are:

The pages inside the journals are soo adorable too! They are so creative :)
Ok, happy last day of school.
i love you.


  1. I love your journal pages! :)

    Happy Summer!!!

  2. Hey,
    I am a recent follower of your blog and your art journal pages have inspired me to start my own art/photo journal. I have been writing in it for a few days now and I love it. It really expands my creativity and adds to my writing.

    Yay for the end of school!! Ours ends next week. I have my students keep journals too, but they aren't as creatively decorated.

  3. great pages! love them :)

  4. 5th grade? i would LOVE to teach that age!! :)

  5. yay for summer!!!!!! yay for art journaling!!!! yay for crafting time!!!! yay for janel visiting amy this summer to art journal for several days straight!!!... wait what? YAY!

  6. I love the Japanese tape! I really would like to start my own art journal after seeing yours and fellow bloggers art journals...you do such a wonderful job!



  7. awesome design as usual!! i love every details here!! ;p


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