06 May 2010

busy bee.

I have been very busy making lots of cute things lately.
I finished the quilt the other night!

I was scared to try sewing the binding on with a machine because the last time I did that it looked soooo bad. It's like Im not coordinated enough to sew and check both sides at the same time :) Instead, I hand sewed all of the binding the way my mother-in-law taught me :) Her way looks so nice!!
She rocks :)
and so does my new Spring Quilt!
Ok, and here are some more art journal pages for my class!
Thoughts on be an art teacher:

This page, I did, to share the fact that I love quilting again :)

and here is another one that isn't quite finished yet. I used a piece of vintage fabric on this page and some washi tape. I love it right now but I definitely want to add a picture on here and a little tiny bit of words....we'll see.

Edited: Here is what I ended up doing with it :)

and finally, here are some better pictures of my last two pages that I shared with you :)

The rest of my time has been spent getting ready for my garage sale Saturday and playing with Picasso! love that little guy!!
Ok, my lunch break is almost over so I better get back to work!
love you friends :)


  1. lovely quilt and loving your art
    journal pages (:

  2. i really love your quilt!
    im starting to make my own, but I have a question for you (because i've never made a quilt before).
    Did you just sew all of the blocks on rows, and then sew the rows together ??

  3. Your quilt is beatiful! And so is your art journal. You are soo incredibly talented! :) I wish you were my art teacher! Ha

  4. I love the quilt if you ever have time could you do some quilting 101 I have a top made but don't really know how to do the binding


  5. That quilt is beautiful!!!

  6. the colors used and that quilt are PERFECT!


  7. Your quilt turned out soooo pretty! (ahem, my birthday is in 3 weeks if you wanna make another. hahaha) I love your journal pages!!! The "Take a closer look" is one of my favorites. That picture is perfect!!!! Love you! xo

  8. Anonymous06 May, 2010

    Janel! The quilt looks amazing! Props to you!! :) & I love the journal pages too! <333 Michelle

  9. your quilt looks wonderful! i love all the bright colors and the flowers--definitely a happy days quilt.

  10. The quilt is gorgeous! The quilt you made for the giveaway is what my little girl sleeps with every night. You have no idea how special that is! :o)

  11. Anonymous07 May, 2010

    I love that quilt! Such pretty colors!

  12. *gasp* your quilt is sooooo pretty!!! i want to steal it!

    but i won't.

    love you! xxo

  13. i love your book! cant wait to see more pages!!

  14. How did you learn how to quilt? I want to make a quilt so badly but I'm not sure how to start! Thanks for any advice!

  15. Anonymous08 May, 2010

    Such a pretty quilt ^_^

  16. amazing art journal pages! I love them all!


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