04 May 2010

art journal pages

Here are two more pages that I have done in my art journal :)
Yesterday's prompt was to focus on pictures:
I used a bunch of my instax mini's to show some of the amazing pieces of my life:

(sorry for the world's worst quality pictures, I'll take better ones tonight :D)
I wanted my accents to all be neutral so that the pictures would be the main focus on this page.
The next prompt was "Take a Closer Look."
The instant I read that prompt I knew I wanted to do page based on the beauty and kindness and love that is found everywhere in every situation if you look closely enough:
So, here it is :)

and a little closer look:

This class is so refreshing and really fuels my love for art journalling.
Thank you for all of your comments that you have left about my pages and my quilt. I love them all so much :)


  1. these pages look awesome! can you send me some of your talent and motivation please????

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! I put a pic of you and me on the pic collage too!! How crazy is that??? I scanned the instax pic we took and you put the littlest pet shop sticker on there! LOLOLOL so funny! anyways that is so awesome, channeling each other! LOL love ya!

  3. Great pages! I especially love the colors on "closer look" page - now I'm feeling MOTIVATED to get busy on my pages!

  4. the color-combo for your take a closer look page is so pretty!

    i got my pin in the mail--i love it!

  5. oh i love your pages they are so pretty.inspires me to want to make my pages pretty also :)

  6. Your pages are so awesome. It is so neat to see how we all come up with different ideas from the prompts.

    P.S. Picasso is so stinking cute!


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