03 May 2010

coming along...

After school today I decided to drag out the iron, and work on my spring quilt.
I ironed all of my rows and stiched them together to make this lovely quilt top :)

After that I layed out the backing, batting and quilt top and started to pin, pin, pin.
Then it was time to start the quilting!

And the finished, quilted quilt...

do you want to see the cutie-pie backing fabric?

Tomorrow, I will bind it and then cuddle with it. Yep, that's the plan :)
Also, can I just say that I have the most amazing online friends?
I do.
for real.
Today, I received one of the most thoughtful, kind, and personal gifts in the mail. Each item was placed in the envelope because they all were things I adored.

It doesn't get any better than that.
Dear Jenny-Lynn,
You made my entire month.
Thank you for being so kind and wonderful.
I am soooo glad that we have become great friends.
I love you.
Ok friends, I am off to bed! I have a garage sale to get ready for this weekend. I have soooo much stuff to sell but not a lot of time to get it all priced and set up! eeeek!
On a side note, my parents are hoping for something really exciting to happen tomorrow. If you pray, please pray that it happens for them :)
love love love you.


  1. wow janel!
    that is so beautiful. i am getting started on a quilt (my first) for my baby bird and i just hope it looks a smidgen as amazing as yours does. wowie, i'm so impressed! ;)
    xo, miss james.

  2. ohmyyygosh Janel, it is so pretty!! And I love the fabric you used for the backing. so cutee!

  3. omg i love your quilt! im going to make something similar :)
    just bought alot of vintage fabric.

  4. It looks so good! Now I really can't wait to get my started and finished...maybe that's a good project for this week!!! Have a wonderful day!! By the way, Pennies for Pita is coming along nicely!

  5. amazing work. it looks gorgeous! and is that love, elsie products i spy?? im jealous! hehe

  6. I can't believe you finished it!! It is amazing!!!!! :)

  7. Your quilt is beautiful! You are soo talented. Saying a prayer for your parents today. :)

  8. Aww Janel! Your quilt is sooo pretty! I want a quilt for my home someday. Your quilt is making me wish I knew how to sew soooo bad!

  9. Soooo gorgeous!!! I love it!!! You're amazing. & Inspiring.
    Love you! xoxo

  10. I love your quilt! It's beautiful and I love all the colors! So cheerful :)

  11. soooooo pretty!!!! Make me one? hehe

  12. Wow! What a GORGEOUS quilt!

    I'm so glad you loved the little package I sent. Thank you so much for your sweet words and friendship!


  13. The quilt is amazing! I'm super jealous of your sewing skills. I have none apparently :)


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