29 May 2010

best day ever.

thumbs up for sure!
Today was amazing. That is the only word to describe it :)
an amazing morning with the husband.
A massage.
a perfect breakfast.
Then off to the market to get food for a picnic.
I wore a cute summer dress and it made me sooo happy.

We weren't sure where to picnic so we drove.
and drove.
and drove.
We ended up about a 20 minutes away from home at a teeny tiny park that we stumbled upon called Meditation park.

It was darling.
We layed out on my favorite quilt and soaked up the sun, took polaroids of each other and ate.

We laughed
We shared how blessed we felt to have found each other.
I love being in love.

After the picnic, we walked a bit and sat on a park bench and watched a waterfall.
To our surprise, we found a geocache under a boulder by the waterfall, BONUS!!
We drove home and I fell asleep reading while Adam watched Invictus.
I did some art journaling...
I started on a new huge painting...

I decided that I needed sun-screen, for the pool, so we hopped in the car to run to Walgreens.
On the way to Walgreens we decided to instead go to the movies to see SATC 2.
I loved it.
He liked it.
They had soft pretzels at the movie theatre so it was even MORE perfect.
After the movie, I got my sunscreen.
Now Im home with the most amazing husband ever and the sweetest dog, blogging to my most favorite people in the world and eating a chocolate cookie with red, white, and blue sprinkles.
Does it get better than this?
I am blessed :)
i really really love you.
P.S. I have decided to not straighten my hair for a long time. I want to say the whole summer but I don't want to lie to you. That may not happen :) I am embracing my fro and I loooove it.
What do you think?

P.S.S. I need these sunglasses but in a knock-off afordable version.

anyone? anyone?
I would love you forever.
ok, night loves.


  1. Love your hair! It's beautiful. :) Glad you had a wonderful day, it was amazing outside.


  2. love the hair. embrace it. rock it. join us curly-headed people. : )

  3. INDIE!!! I miss you guys SOOOO much!

    DO NOT STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR EVER! i love, love, love your california waves! love them so much.

    and i am going to make it my mission to find you those aviators!! MISSION!!!

    loveusomuch, like for real! xxo

  4. Looks like a fantastic day! Ps. that photo of your husband laying down reminds me so much of my fiance (he has a red socks hat too). Hope you get those glasses.


  5. Sounds like such a lovely weekend!!
    I would kill for your wavey hair mine is dead straight!

  6. what a sweet day!
    I like your hair big :)

  7. Your hair is gorgeous!! I have the straightest more boring hair~ Your curls are awesome!! :)
    So glad you had such a wonderful day!

  8. perfection. what a day! and i love your hair wavy! do it!

  9. Anonymous30 May, 2010

    Picnics are the greatest!
    Your really pretty btw. :)

  10. i love everything about this post! Especially the polaroids! Ian and I are taking a picnic outside today too! What a coincidence! It must just be picnic season. <3

    your hair is SO cute and that new big painting is to DIE for! I've always wanted to paint a HUGE one!

  11. you need to leave your hair like that every day k thanks! and i'm living vicariously through you and your best day right now. <3

  12. i love your curly hair--i wish my hair would do that!!!

  13. what a cuuuuute day..
    it looks like you guys had so much fun!
    i love the photo's

  14. i can prob get those glasses. i'll keep an eye out! and your day sounded perfect!!!!! xo!

  15. Two poots went and saw SATC 2 last night and I loved it. Silly and cheesy at times but hey! I love your hair curly. I haven't blow dried my hair in over 4 months and I love it. It is so simple! I am not one to spend time on my hair. I say embrace the curls this summer and keep the blow dryer hidden:)
    Your day sounded so perfect!!!

  16. what a very sweet day. you two win couple of the year!

  17. Your waves are AWESOME! Keep em!


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo