18 May 2010

sleep over!

Last night, Adam and I had the cuuuuutest little sleep over guest :)

Seriously, could little Picasso get any cuter!!
I love him.
Also, I have reading the book series, "The No.1 Ladies' Detective Angency," and I am in love.
I want to go to Africa soooo bad! I have always wanted to go do mission work or volunteer work there and this series is just fueling that fire.
Check out these gorgeous images of Africa, from weheartit.

And finally, here are some more art journal pages from the Tell Your Story Class:


What do you think??
So...who wants to go to Africa with me?
and if you have been there or are from there TELL ME!!!
Ok, I love you.
good night!


  1. OMG, please tell me more about Picasso! I love him!!!

    I love the color you used on your vintage love page! the pink is so pretty!

    I'd love to go to Africa! On your team! xxo

  2. Anonymous18 May, 2010


  3. SOOOOO cute! I want that pup!!! haha and your art journal pages are adorable. And no, I haven't been to Africa before but totally want to go!

  4. 1] I want a Picasso!

    2] I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa - to volunteer and to go on a real safari. Also, I want to adopt a baby from Africa some day. And a baby girl from China. A multi-racial family would be so beautiful. Sigh.

    3] Your TYS pages are so pretty, I'm saving them in my inspiration folder.

  5. oh my gosh! Picasso is soooo cute! I have a chihuahua too. His name is Higgins. :)



  6. I LOVE how your painted page turned out! After looking at yours I realized that I forgot to be vague about the details of my weekend. Whoops. Your drawing of your vintage goods is great! Keep it up! I love looking at your stuff!

  7. I would love to go to Africa with you :D ha ha..
    Love your journaling pages, they're so cool!
    have an awesome day
    Love from Denmark

  8. Beautiful pics - I've never been to Africa but always wanted to go!
    Picasso is adorable!! Eeee!! I love puppies!! SO so cute! :)

    And I adore all of your art journal pages :)
    Cheray x

  9. Picasso is a doll...I think he should be called Prancer though, the way he prances around like he ownes the place.
    I will go to Africa whenever...just say when.see you at Bible Study tonight?
    Headed out on the boys graduation trip manana....
    Miss you sweetie!

  10. Lovely pages, i really love the vintage page! Picasso is adorable.

  11. ME ME ME! I wanna go to Africa! Picasso is soooooo adorable, omg. And I tell you all the time, but I love your art pages. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I would love to do missions work in Africa. I get this magazine with tons and tons of missions and volunteer opportunities every year. First thing I do is look at Africa.... But they always want too long of a commitment!! It is a Dream~


  13. I want to go to africa with you!!!! Annnnd I want to make art journal pages with you! Art journaling in Africa? I think it sounds like a fantastic plan!

  14. ur africa pix r gr8. lovin the vintage love pg!

  15. That little puppy is the cutest!

    And Your art journal pages are beautiful!!! You are soo talented. :)

  16. RandoseruGirl from Twitter20 May, 2010

    I have much fun on reading your journal! This is the first time to send comment:)

    I've been to Tanzania for 1 month and learned Swahili culture.There are pieces of cloth called Khanga.Please check it.Hope you like it!

  17. I have a friend who is currently teaching in Nigeria. She loves it there. The pictures she sends me from safaris and what not are amazing. I would love to go if I got a chance to stay with her.


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