18 December 2010

Holiday Cuteness.

I thought I would do a little highlight post of some seriously adorable holiday things.

Here are 5 Cute Holiday themed things that are making me happy right now :)

1.  These amazing stockings made from vintage fabrics.

2.  My new most favorite weekly blog feature is the "Wrap it Up Wednesday" posts by Cakies.
I love her blog and her cute family and her amazing present wrapping posts make me swoon.

3.  Tif's beautiful holiday fireplace display...

4. Giant Dwarf's Starlette garland and ornaments...

5.  And last but not least...this adorable Resolution Reminder bracelet!  What a great idea!

I mean seriously guys...7 more days until Christmas.
Which also means...8 more days until my trip to Vegas :)  I've never been before!  Have you?



  1. super cute post Janel! XO

  2. New follower here. :)

    I love the glittery star garland and the vintage fabric stockings-- too cute!


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