11 December 2010

technical difficulties...

So, I am going on day four with no computer.  
It started out seeming that my charger was broken, and now it's looking like because I had it plugged in to  a faulty charger, my battery is now fried as well.
This was all semi-ok on weekdays because I have a lovely Mac at school but it's the weekend, and I have nothing.
Adam has a PC and I seriously, have no clue how to use it anymore (it's been so long since I have used a PC).
yuck city.
I had this post pre-posted in case I didn't have a fix for my computer.
While I'm away I am sending out an SOS of sorts...
I am looking for a fruit container like this one...

I have searched my grocery stores and they do not have them.  
I will pay for shipping if someone could send me one ASAP??
Thanks friends.
I hope to be back really really soon!


  1. i will look at my store and see if we have any and i also have a friend who has a little food/antique store and see is she has any out there. this little calendar idea is so cute.

  2. i'm pretty sure i can get you one, but i don't think it will be that exact color... i'll let you know :)


    ps if i find two will you make me one for christmas? haha

  3. Hi ! your blog is very cute, congrats :)


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