22 December 2010

To-Do This Week!

(me at age 2; too cute not to share)

Things To-Do This Week:
1.  find Nicole's present!! (no where to be found :( at least I made her another awesome gift too!)
2.  make a list for Vegas
3.  pack for Vegas
4.  charge up all electronics (phone, laptop, camera)
5.  do all of the laundry
6.  clean studio space
7.  find my W-2's from 2009 (not going to happen)
8.  get my license plates renewed FINALLY(not going to happen)
9.  get stocking stuff for Adam
10.  make Catalina's present
11.  wrap ornament for Cha-Cha party
12.  search for college pics to take to Cha-Cha party
13.  take Christmas cards up to church
14.  mani/pedi

I think that's it :)  This may be last post for a couple of days while I try to get all of this done :)  I will definitely be back before Christmas though!!
I love you!


  1. Shew! You're a busy lady!

    Cutest picture, ever!

  2. Good luck getting everything on your list done! :) I got your post card today, thank you for sending one your so sweet!

  3. So cute!!! Did you always have curly hair when you were little???

  4. i ADORE your blog.
    you're such a cute and creative person!

  5. i love how on your list, you have the task of making a list ;) busy bee!

  6. i cannot wait to see you in sin city :)

  7. that pic is so stinkin' cute!


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