17 December 2010

the BEST couple of days...

This week, Adam and I were blessed to be a host family again for two adorable little girl from Children of the World.

Three days of adorableness with... 

These girls brought so much joy to our lives even for only spending three days together. We painted...

Made funny videos and photos on photobooth.  I could listen to them giggle all stinking day!!

We sang and danced, and we watched Barbie movies like they were going out of style.

On Wednesday night, they performed at our church and I literally cried throughout the entire performance.  Little children singing about the love of God is amazing :)

The performance touched us in so many ways...we left that night vowing never to buy bottled water again, we left becoming sponsors of two children (a little boy from Nepal and a little girl from Honduras), and we left with an even bigger confirmation that international adoption is the way to go for us.
World Help is such a great organization with a ton of options to help out all over the world!! You should check them out :)
These last three days were life changing in the best possible way.
I can NOT wait to be a parent!!!



  1. This is so amazing. I can't believe how wonderful you are, honestly.


  2. wow that's so great that you do that!, looks like you had a wonderful couple of days

  3. I love this so much!!! That would be so amazing to do! These pictures and memories are so precious!!! Proud of you, girl! Just awesome! What incredible Christmas memories they will have!!! xo

  4. oh wow! this is so amazing. i would love to do something like this!!! those little girls are so lucky!! you are too sweet~

    allister bee blog

  5. This is amazing! You're a wonderful individual! It sounds like you had a lovely time!

  6. LOVE THIS POST - L.O.V.E. your ♥

  7. How amazing! You are going to be the best and a fun mommy.

  8. you have such a huuuuge heart my dear girl. there needs to be more people like you in this world please

    ♥ xoxox

  9. love your spirit! It is so beautiful how you love the Lord and other children!


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