15 July 2012

I have a fairy BLOGmother!

Hello Friends.
Welcome to my new space!
The AMAZINGLY talented Erika of T.E. + Baby created this new look for Run With Scissors and I couldn't be more happy.
She is THE fairy blogmother :)

Erika was so amazing to work with. I gave her a vague idea of my vision, yet she completely read my mind and came up with layout that exceeded my dreamiest expectations!!
This whole layout and all of our communication and installation took less than a day to do.
I tell you, she is amazing!!

Some Points of Interest:
1.  The new navigation bar at the top of the blog :)
 Now you can read all about me and the blog, you can contact me (easily), check out the shop, and read through some Frequently Asked questions!

2.  I finally have all of those adorable social media links!!!
Now you can check me out on Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Pinterest, Bloglovin', and Flickr! 
Did you even know I had all of those awesome things??

3.   A new fresh blog button over there on the sidebar!! Grab it!

4.  This cute new photo of me and my best girl :)  I like it, I like having a for real photo of myself on here so you know who you are talking to!

5.  And this is one of my favorite parts...I have these awesome little links on the side with some of my most blogged about topics.  If you want to read about adoption; click it!  If you want to see our home; check it out.  It's all there!

6.  Ok and now is my most favorite part of the blog re-do.  If you hover your cursor over the photos in the posts, a button will show up that says "Pin It."  All you have to do is click it and you can instantly pin that photo!!
How rad is that?

This will be available on all of my new posts :)  
The first photo will have the pin it button and then you can pin any of the photos in that post!!
How stinking cool!!

Anyway, I just wanted to give another HUGE thank you to Erika for all of the time and love that she put into my new blog design.
If you are considering a new look, for an affordable price, please seek out your very own Fairy Blog Mother, Erika!



  1. Love it! Looks fantastic!

  2. Looks amazing Janel!!! Love it!

  3. awesome! i love that little pin it trick!


  4. Love it, lady! So good!

  5. You are so nice, Janel!
    I loved working with you...And, I am totally in love with the "pin it" trick.

  6. I heart the new look!

  7. Love it! Glad you got my Twitter recommendation. She is awesome!


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