13 July 2012

happiness is...

Happiness is... Amelia wearing the outfit that my mom brought my sister and I home from the hospital in (I only wish I had this back when I did bring her home).

Happiness is... capturing the first time Amelia held her arms out to someone to be picked up!
She loves my dad so I am not surprised it was for him to pick her up :)
They are best friends.

Happiness is... seeing my dad dancing with Amelia.

Happiness is... watching her grab my dad's glasses off of his face and then laughing at him.

Happiness is...seeing my dad rocking out on a Phineas and Feb guitar while making up songs to sing to Amelia.

Yesterday was full of happiness.


  1. So, SOO cute!!! Love these amazing photos!

  2. janel, these are beyond darling. i'm nearly crying with tears of joy. i'm serious. :)

  3. This is so beyond sweet. I love your smiles. She's such an adorable happy baby, must be because she's got such a great mom :)

  4. This warms my heart so much! ♥

  5. i love your happiness list:) she is adorable!

  6. When Blake started holding his arms out at us to pick him up we were so excited that Seth & I took turns passing him back and forth so he would hold his arms out to both of us. So fun! It still warms my heart when he does that!


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