20 July 2012


This week:

*  I had an amazing time teaching crafts at VBS. I worked with a ton of great friends and a lot of sweet sweet kiddos.  
*  Amelia is eating her sweet potatoes like a champ.  
*  I got a ton of washi tape that I ordered from Freckled Fawn
*  I also scored some adorable little vintage things for Amelia from the CUTEST pop-up shop ever.
*  my heart is saddened by this.  please pray for everyone involved in this horrible tragedy.
*  I got two spend two whole afternoons with my sister and Jack.  That, on the other hand, makes my heart very happy.
*  I decorated my mom's bedroom for her.
*  I painted like crazy, and I loved every second of it.
*  I crocheted a scarf
*  I began knitting another scarf
*  I started brainstorming ideas on how to re-decorate our little home.
*  I focused on the fact that God is so good.

This week was FULL, in the best sense of the word. 



  1. You are a fantastic crafts teacher in Vacation Bible School.....thanks so much!

    1. No, thank you!! I had so much fun. It is always so rewarding :) God is good!!


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