11 July 2012


*  wanting to go hiking again
* wearing my hair curly every day (per summer traditions)
*  enjoying daily morning trips to the pool.
*  selling things like crazy on Craigslist
*  marvelling at the fact that we made almost $1400 at our garage sale this past weekend.
*  organizing and cleaning like crazy
* watching Amelia get stronger and bigger every single day
*  wishing she would slow down
*  finishing up a bedroom turned playroom makeover at my parent's house
*  having a new roof put on (and it's so very noisy)
*  killing time before my pedicure appointment
*  loving Project Life
*  trying my hardest not to look at Reality Steve to see who Emily chooses
*  wishing for a bigger purse so that I can lug my real camera around with me more often
*  wishing for a new couch (our current couch is the next thing to go on Craigslist)
*  wondering how my summer break is already half way over
* wanting a blog makeover.
*  pondering how we can have so much while others have so little.
* feeling incredibly blessed.



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