30 July 2012

5 months.

5 months
the best 5 months of my life, seriously.
*  she is rolling over
*  she is creeping
*  she is scooting
*  she is eating solid foods and loving it.  2 oz. every day
*  she is up to 8 oz. of formula every 4 hours (but only 6 oz. when she is eating her meal with the solid food)
*  her laugh is my favorite thing
* she still smiles all of the time
*  she is using consonants with her vowels, saying things like "ba" and "ga" 
*  she loves playing with toys
* she can move objects from one hand to the other hand, across the mid-line.
*  she loves to practice sitting up.
*  she tries to sit up on her own and it looks like she's doing baby crunches.  It's precious.
* she is 14.11 pounds and 25 1/4 inches....so big!!
*  the pediatrician says she's perfect :)
*  She brings us so much joy and happiness and my heart literally fills with so much love every second I am with her.
I love this girl with every ounce of my being.



  1. She is DARLING, Janel! So, so sweet.

  2. she is gorgeous! i love your list too-what a wonderful idea to capture all her little moments :)


  3. I love her beautiful smile! :)

  4. THAT is one seriously cute baby. Seriously seriously cute.


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