18 April 2012

video games

Last night after the babe went to sleep, I decided to whip up a little project for her nursery :)
I have had two of this vintage paint by number for quite awhile now.

When I saw this project on Pinterest, I knew it's what I wanted to do with one of them.
I decided to use a lyric from one of my newest favorite songs from Lana del Rey, Video Games (I also love the video).
And when I am with Amelia, it definitely feels like heaven on earth so I thought that lyric would work perfectly.

I adore it and I can not wait to hang it up in her room.
And for all you Hunger Games fans...you have to see this parody of Video Games.
Yeah, I love it. 

night all.

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  1. It's really nice! Good work! I might make one of these, I've seen the tutorials around, but yours may have inspired me to actually make one! :) x


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