12 April 2012

le zoo

Yesterday, was supposed to be a HUGE celebratory day.  Unfortunately, things did not goes as planned for us. This day was supposed to start with a phone call and since I am an anxious person when it comes to these types of things, I like to make plans so I can concentrate on other things than waiting.  We thought that since the weather was gorgeous, and we still had a couple of days off together as a family, we would take advantage of that.

We decided to have a HUGE day of firsts for Amelia and we were fortunate enough to have my mom come along as well.
First, Amelia had her first meal on "The Hill."
(She had formula while the rest of us dined on amazing Italian food :)

Next, we went to the zoo and spent over three hours introducing her to all of the amazing animals there.  It was her first (of many Im sure) trips to the zoo.  I think she loved it. In fact, I am pretty sure her favorite part was the penguin house :)

After the zoo, we took Amelia to the very famous Ted Drewes for the first time.  This was actually Adam's first time at Ted Drewes, and "The Hill" too now that I think of it.  

We really are soooo blessed to live in a city that has so many cool places to see and visit and even more blessed that most of them are free to the public. I can't wait to spend many more days with Amelia, enjoying all of the awesome places our city has to offer.  I love seeing her experience all of her firsts :)

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  1. Ahhh the Saint Louis Zoo!! I grew up in a small town south of STL and recently moved to North Carolina so this is making me a little homesick. There aren't any zoos close to me now, especially ones that are free. Oh how I miss that zoo, and the Science Center, and the Magic House, and the Arch of course! I didn't realize what a lovely city it was until I was no longer a short drive away from it.


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