06 April 2012

Baby's First Easter Basket

This is my first time ever making an Easter Basket up for my little girl and I wanted it to be very special for her.
I picked up an adorable (and super cheap) little plastic bucket with an adorable fox on it at Target as a basket.
You can't really find anything at the store for a baby's Easter Basket; especially a 6 week old baby, so I had to get creative.
Here is what I came up with:

1.  Alexander Girard Color: He's one of my most favorite artists and the book's illustrations are absolutely wonderful!
2.  Pantone Colors:  This book is really great with a lot of color mixing and names for the different shades and tints of color.
3.  Amelia Anemone the Bunny from Sleepy King
4.  ASL I love you natural wooden teether
5.  Natural Wooden Easter Eggs, hand painted with all natural paints

Amelia already loves being read to, so much, so I knew that books were going to be a must have.  These two books were not only wonderful for her, they were also really aesthetically pleasing for me as well :)
I love Sleepy King, and I had actually ordered this bunny awhile back, because I knew one day I would have an Amelia of my own.
I wanted to do something with eggs (obviously) but I wanted something sustainable and all natural for her in case they ended up in her mouth :)
I love that we can add these to a play kitchen down the line as well.
I also stitched her up a little dollhouse pillow, that I will blog more about later when I take some photos of it.  It is adorable and, hopefully, a little gift she can treasure for a long time to come!!
What are you all filling your Easter Baskets with this year?
Any other suggestions for people trying to get creative with their basket fillers this year?


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  1. Adorable!
    I wish Easter weren't so soon, because I would totally be swiping up all of those things!

    (feel free to come enter my $50 giftcard giveaway!)

  2. I always put summery things in my kids' baskets because we have such a long summer here they can start using most of them immediately. This year they're getting shorts or swim trunks, sunglasses, and a slip n slide. I also got each of them a DVD and some little trinkets. I try to not get any candy for the baskets because there's plenty in between school hunts and the one we do at home. Happy Easter!

  3. Precious! Everything is perfect-You can never go wrong with books or plush or anything you can repurpose for her childhood. :) Happy Easter!

  4. Happy First Easter, Amelia!

  5. I posted about the goodies I'm putting in Ariana's basket a few days ago http://nowoodenspoons.blogspot.de/2012/04/basket-breakdown.html

  6. It's my son's second Easter this year, but here is what I included in his basket last year for his first Easter:


    Lots of Easter-themed books, stuffed animals, puffs, and a My First Easter bib. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!



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