30 January 2013

11 months.

My little sweetie pie turned 11 months yesterday!
Next month she will be a year old.

11 months

* the best 11 months of my life
*  you are eating everything, EVERYTHING.
*  whenever we eat anything we always let you try it and you always love it.
*  you are saying all kinds of little words now
*  you like to repeat our actions and our words
*  you think you are so funny (and you totally are)
*  you still sleep like a champ at night, and during your naps.
*  you are soooooo close to walking.
*  you stand by yourself a lot 
*  your favorite word to say is "uh-oh"
*  you squeal with delight every time your daddy walks in the room
*  you are the most amazing little girl I know

Seriously, I can not believe she is getting so big!
She is the most precious gift that I have ever been given and each day with her is a blessing.



  1. No way!! I can't believe it's been a year (almost). She is so pretty.

  2. I think she gets cuter and cuter every month.

  3. I love her shirt! Where did you find it?


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