18 January 2013

home inspiration

Life has been pretty crazy around here. Adam and I have been looking at houses, figuring out our finances and taking care of a sick baby girl.  During nap times, I have been pinning home inspiration like crazy!!  Here are a few inspirational spaces that I have really been gravitating towards.

Our little home, right now, is filled with white walls, wood floors, and pops of color and I love it.  I think that is definitely something that I will continue on with in our someday new home.
I am on inspiration overload right now with home beauty.



  1. You're too cute. I love how you're always drawn to spaces with a TON of pattern and color. So bold. I'm always afraid to commit to color even though I adore it.

  2. That bathroom rocks! I want that in mine ... but I'm not sure I have the wall-space or ceiling height. But anyway, these are all great inspiration pieces.

  3. Beautiful!
    I'm moving in 2 weeks and are constantly looking for ideas. LOVE that bathroom, i'm SO going to steal that idea :)


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