01 February 2013


I am so excited to FINALLY announce some big news with you all.  I have teamed up with two other AMAZING moms on a new blog called, MINē.
MINē is a lifestyle blog for the minis in all of our lives.
Here is our little mission statement :

 We sow seeds of fashion but are not limited to. 

We are on a mission - to create, share and inspire.

We radiate a passion -
To CREATE an unforgettable experience for our lovely visitors at MINē. At MINē all are invited to experience the quality of our lovingly hand-picked mini fashion pieces, and bathe in the fun and values we have to share!
To SHARE our affection and joy as loving parents, bringing other parents messages of love and inspiration of style for your mini's. Our fashion and lifestyle speaks so much more than looks, we hope to also offer a gift of hope and joy in parenting.  We plan to share not only inspiration in styling your mini, but giving inspiration in all aspects of life with your mini.
To INSPIRE our fellow parents with fresh, stimulating ideas of fashion, parenting and living life. We constantly provide fun tips and projects on our blog and social marketing channels, all in the hopes to inspire you and yours.

MINē is not your regular mini lifestyle blog. So join us at our visionary mini fashion blog, so that the creations and inspirations we have can extend to yonder and beyond…

Most of my blogging will now be done over there.  I will definitely be back here every once in awhile to share photos of Amelia and monthly pics and such.  I think I am going to focus on posting my Project Life pages on Instagram now (@jmaclean) instead of here.

I feel really blessed to be apart of this team and I know that this blog is going to be HUGE.
Please come over and check it, "follow" us, and stay awhile :)  
We have a HUGE a giveaway week coming up next week for our big launch.  
You won't want to miss it!!

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