08 January 2013


Well hello there!!
How has your new year been so far?
Mine has been so busy.
There are a lot of awesome things happening here in my world 
and I can't wait to be able to share it!!

In the mean time I have been:
*  stalking Amazon for the Seafoam kit for Project Life
*  Trying to be as excited about Project Life without the binder and core kit.
*  shopping on Instagram for Amelia's clothes (love it)
*  thinking about starting another blog once Amelia hits one.  I want to just do a 365 of her again with her outfits.  Dressing her is too much fun :)
*  working on mini shoot ideas and set designs for Fresh Art
*  de-cluttering my life
* de-cluttering my blog reader
*  being brave
*  living on a budget and LOVING it.  My husband seriously makes our budget so fun.
*  teaching weaving, pottery, self-portraits, Charley Harper, and George Rodrigue at school.
*  Planning a certain little girl's first birthday party (almost one!!! seriously?!)
*  reading the original Peter Pan and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
(a budget means reading all of the free books in ibooks this year :D)
*  Having super fun nightly texting sessions with my sister in law
*  Pinning house projects like crazy on Pinterest

Just thought I would drop in and say hello :) 


  1. I know what you mean about Seafoam. I'm just DYING over here!! haha :)

    I've started reading book on my kindle app on my phone -- I'm subscribed to some email that has free books offered -- let me know if you want me to forward them to you! Yay for saving money!


  2. yay for budgets. j & i have started dave ramsey class at church. we had first session on saturday and already love it. cant wait to really get on our budget. so exciting. new year, new me! i love books. especially when they come free. happy new year


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