25 January 2013

a year ago today...

A year ago today, we got THE CALL.  This was the call that would change our lives forever...

(Adam had just had Lasik, hence the sunglasses)

Dear Amelia's birth mother,
Thank so much for initiating that phone call.
Thank you for loving your daughter so much.
Thank you for allowing us to be her parents.
Thank you for giving us the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for.

I can remember this day, one year ago, so vividly!!
I was at school, eating my lunch in my classroom, by myself.
The secretary came over the intercom and said that I had a phone call, that it was my husband, and she would put the call through.
I remember begin really scared that something bad had happened since Adam would NEVER call my school to talk to me.
(I can easily answer my cell phone at anytime during the day)
I remember he sounded nervous.
I remember feeling nervous.
He asked me if I was sitting down.
That made me even more nervous.
He told me that we were chosen by a birth mother and that we would be able to meet her later that week.
He told me what he knew about her and that the social worker was 98% sure that she was going to have a girl.
I cried.
I danced.
I called everyone that I knew and ran around the school to tell everyone that I am close to.
I remember thinking that 98% sure wasn't 100% sure but I knew in my heart that we were going to be parents to a little girl...

Today is a great day.



  1. Now I'm crying. This brings back the memories of our call. Such excitement mixed with fear. Wow I can't believe it's been a year!

  2. wow. amazing. a year already. Praise the Lord for miracles.

  3. Aaaah I LOVE this post!! I remember the sweet letter we received from my now 2-year old's BM when she chose us. BEST.Letter.EVER! <3 Congrats!! Your little babe is adorable!!! :) xo


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