27 September 2012

party planning

Amelia's "Gotcha Day" is coming up in November!! We will have waited 9 LONG months for this business to be legit so we think a party is in order.
I have been going crazy looking up themes and color schemes and deciding on decorations and food.
Tonight, at Target, I stumbled onto the most PERFECT banner ever. Im pretty sure it's for a birthday but it doesn't matter to me.  I have looked all over online for a photo but I can't find one and I am too lazy to get up and take a photo. 
In a nutshell: it's a pennant style banner with the triangles in neon colors.  Each triangle has a cut out of the phrase "Best Party Ever."  It's so cute and so perfect because it will seriously be the best day ever which will make it the best party ever.  They also had black and white striped paper straws there.  Did I mention both the banner and the straws were .98 each :) Score!

So the theme:  Best Party Ever
Color Scheme:  Neon and black and white.

So, here are some inspiration photos that I have found to help me get everything ready:

This sign

and I LOVE these utensil holders (but in my color scheme of course)

and I love everything about these next photos.

Perfection!!  I can't wait to get started on the party planning.  The dreaming up phase is always fun but the actual putting it all together phase in my favorite.  I would love to know of any cute online party favor sites that you all have used in the past or any other cute ideas that you might have!! 
I can NOT wait until Gotcha Day!!!



  1. Looks like its gonna be an awesome day! I'm getting my last minute bits together to send your way, plus a little gift for Amelia :)

  2. Cool!!! Looks like its going to be a great party!!! and great reason for a party too. Soooo happy for you guys!!

  3. My husband adopted my daughter when we married. September 15th is there "gotcha day." She is 12 and for this second anniversary of his adopting her he took her out to dinner on a Daddy-Daughter date.


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