25 September 2012

little clothes

Seriously, I am spending all of my time buying and selling little clothes on Instagram.  It's crazy and I love it.
I have scored Amelia some of the most beautiful clothes.
Being on there, and seeing so many things that I LOVE, made me want to narrow down my list of "must have" brands for my little one.
I love clothes that are made by small companies.  I love bold prints and unique designs.  I also love a complete mix and match of fabrics too.  Here are my current list of favorite brands for Amelia right now.

1.  My heart will always belong to Misha Lulu.  Always.
2.  and do not get me started on the cuteness that is Bobo Choses.

3.  I just scored a Matilda Jane dress from my friend's Trunk Show that she hosted and I am officially hooked on their dresses now too!

4. Winter Water Factory has the most amazing prints, plus their fabric is so incredibly soft :)

5.  Polarn y Pyret is quickly making it's way to the top of my list.  I love their prints so much :)

6.  Mini Boden is another line that just pays attention to the details and I love that!!  They are adorable!

The best thing about shopping these Instagram closets, is that I can get these great brands at a GREAT price.  Amelia has scored a lot of great pieces from these closets.  I love the little community of mommas that I have "met" through them.
You can shop Amelia's closet on Instagram at @shop4amelia.
You can also check out all of the cute closets that I follow too!!
AND if you are looking for cute little boy clothes, my sister has Jack's clothes for sale there as well @jackmankscloset.



  1. I'll take that last dress in my size, please.

  2. I ❤ the first one!
    Yes! I' m in love!
    {Fan, by sofan!}


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