18 September 2012

ears pierced.

At Amelia's last check-up, we were told that now would be a great time to pierce  her ears if that was something that we were considering. 
we were.
We made an appointment to come back to the pediatrician's office when their "ear piercer" was working the following week.
Amelia was awesome (as usual) during the whole experience.  She cried, HARD, for about a minute after the first hole was pierced.  After that, she was all smiles and laughs showing off her new bling.
My dad was sweet enough to come along and document it all for us :)

She looks adorable.
I am really glad that we did it when we did, she is so great about letting us turn them and clean them.  Plus, she hasn't really discovered her ears yet so we don't have to worry about her pulling on them or anything.
Yay Amelia!



  1. Yay for Amelia! I think getting baby's ear's pierced young is always a good idea. I got mine pierced when I was nine and I was so scared! You have adorable girl, Janel!

  2. omgggg she is just perfect janel! she keeps getting cuter and cuter! love her ears pierced!


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