15 September 2012

it's happening...

Amelia's room makeover is in full swing.  I am learning how to do a makeover VERY cheaply. 
I have been shopping closets like crazy on Instagram and selling things like crazy as well.
You can "shop our goodies" over at @shop4amelia on Instagram and check out the closets that I am following as well.
It's such a great thing!!
All of the money that I am making through that is going right towards new items for Amelia's room makeover.
The above little board is small snapshot of where my inspiration is coming from. 
(You can see the sources for all of these and more makeover inspiration pics right here)
In other news:
*  I need more time in my days
*  I still haven't started this past week in my Project Life album (which is soooo unlike me)
*  Amelia's court date is coming up in a few months so we are getting everything together that we need for that.
*  My online art journal class starts October 1 and I seriously can not wait to dive into that journal!!
* Amelia got her ears pierced today!! ( a whole post on that later).
*  Have a great weekend friends.



  1. Oops...I think I just posted that comment as my husband! :)

  2. Can hardly wait to see it!

  3. Fun! Can't wait to see it when it's all done! :)

  4. What can
    i make for her room? I'm taking requests!!


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