05 January 2014

Project Life 2014

I am so excited to be doing this project again and to be back on track with this project.  I do have to say that I haven't completed the last three months of 2013 yet (yikes).  Things got super crazy with the move and then our basement flooded and a lot of my PL stuff got damaged so Project Life has been on the back burner.  My game plan though is to do an October November and December highlights only.  It would be insanely hard for me to try and remember every detail from those approximately 10 weeks. This way I can do an October section with the highlights from that month and then the same with November and December.  That makes the whole thing more manageable for me which also makes it more probable for me to complete.  "Simplifying" my friends :)
Now, on to 2014…
My cover page is sooo not original. I saw Elise's cover page, fell madly in love with it and couldn't get it off of my mind so I used her triangle concept :)

I wanted to make sure everyone from my little family was included, our photo of our city, and then some of our favorite things.  It really turned out cute I think.  I also added a lot of 3D elements to this page to make it even more special.  The first page of any book is a big deal :)
On the opposite of this page I added black and white images that I created or found on Pinterest with my One Little Word.  Again, this is something that I always like to highlight in my Project Life Albums (see 2012, and 2013).

Then, on the page to the right of that I did a large photo of our family to document our little family of 3 in the beginning of 2014.  Also, I ended up adding this so that Week One of 2014 will start on a  full two-page spread :)

The first year that I did Project Life, I didn't really use a "core kit" or a specific type of Pocket Page to create my book.  Last year, I stayed with one type Pocket Page and also stuck with the theme of the Seafoam Core Kit.  This year I decided to "keep it simple" and go back to not using a certain theme.  I don't' want to feel limited to a color scheme.  I actually have three different core kits now that I will pick from and continue using random papers from around my studio space.  I do however, love sticking with one particular type of pocket page and will probably stick with the Design A pages for MOST of 2014.
I am happy to say that my week one spread is soooooo almost finished.  I just need to add a bit of journaling and photograph it :)

Would you like to know more about Project Life? You can read all about it here. You can also check out more of my Project Life pages right here!

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  1. This looks so cool. I definitely want to try this out. Thanks for sharing this inspiration!


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