03 January 2014

Amelia's First Haircut

Amelia got her very first haircut last week!  It was such a cute experience.  If you are local, we went to The Hairy Elephant, which is specifically for children's haircuts and first haircuts.  We decided to "the first hair cut" experience and also a "Curly Hair Cosultation."  Amelia's hair is amazing, seriously, like curls for days but it's also a completely different texture than my own hair so I needed advice on how to care for her hair properly and how to make her curls looks their very best.  Like I said, the whole thing was adorable, Amelia was so good and had a blast, PLUS I walked away feeling like I finally knew what I was doing with Amelia's hair.  

My favorite part of the day was when the hairstylist asked me what  type of video Amelia would want to watch during her haircut. 
Hairstylist:  "What kind of video would Amelia want to watch during her haircut?"
Me: "I don't know, she loves princesses."
My mom: "Oh she loves Yo Gabba Gabba"
Amelia: (hands the lady a video from off of the shelf) "Guys, I like Elmo."
She's so insanely smart and grown up and she's only 22 months.
She's growing up way too fast I tell you.


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  1. That. Is adorable!!! I've never heard of a salon like that! It seems so cute! Also, I love the second to last photo with the back of her curly little head. *precious*


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