26 November 2012

Amelia's Christmas List

This little one wants for nothing.  We have been blessed with an abundance of toys, clothes, and books, and all of the necessities a little girl could need.  This is just a small little list I have put together of things Amelia would like for Christmas (she told me).  Her daddy wanted a wish list of things to purchase from, and here it is :)

1 Wooden Instagram Camera Toy
 2 This adorable rainbow cushion for her crib so she has something to lean against when she is playing
 3 Customizable Pen Pal kit for Amelia so she can send cute packages to her cousins
 4  I love this shirt so much.  It reminds of me of "Blackbird" and everything that that song stands for
 5  And these little onesies are just amazing and essential :)

What are some things you like for a Baby's first Christmas?


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