03 November 2008

I miss you

After what seems like forever, I am back from the blogging blues.  Ever since our last blog got hacked, I haven't been in the mood to blog.  Well, today I am out of my funk :)  I am feeling inspired. This weekend was AWESOME!  This weekend was our very first Bridal Shower.  Now when I say bridal shower, it was so much more than just a bridal shower.  It was beautiful, and fun and I was so overwhelmed by every one's kindness and generosity....Unreal. I wrote all of my thank you notes last night as soon as I got home because I was so overwhelmed with thankfulness.  I don't have any pics to post at the moment because my camera was dead, but I will definitely post some.  Unfortunately, Adam wasn't able to make it into town for the shower so I have promised him that I wouldn't get into any of our gifts, or put them away. He was understanding enough to let me put our new bedding on my bed before he gets here. I was super excited about that.
I am also waiting to put my Christmas tree up for when he gets here. Now this is a tad embarrassing but I usually put my tree up on November 1. I know, I am a dork but I can't help it. (I did all of my Christmas cards tonight). This year I will have to wait until I see Adam again on the 15th. Crazy!
Do you want to know another reason that I am sooooooooo soooooooo sooooooo excited about that weekend? Adam and I are getting our engagement pics taken by the amazing Jodie!! I can not wait! Her plans and ideas for the shoot are so cool and unique, it's all I can think about!!
So, my agenda for tonight:
1. Finish cleaning my house.
2. Finish laundry
3. Watch The Hills
4. Make my bed with our NEW bedding (I love it) I also guarantee that I will be at Home Depot at some point this week, picking up paint and re-painting my room too.
5. Getting to sleep early so that I can wake up early to go and vote. I can not wait!! It's like Christmas for me. The excitement has been building up so much for tomorrow and I just can't wait to go and make my mark on history with my vote. I read the cutest blog post this morning here from a Canadian woman and her perspective on our voting. Check it out HERE!
I am not one to hide who I am voting for, afraid to start conflict or anything. I hope that people would still like me, for me, even if I am not voting for who they are voting for. I would never judge someone else for their opinions. So, tomorrow I will be going to the polls and Barack-ing my vote. If I was blogging a few weeks ago I would have posted that I got to meet Mr. Obama at the STL rally at the arch, wicked sweet if you ask me!
I will post pics and a synopsis of that whole adventure at another time. Now, I need to start ticking those to-do's off of my list up there. Happy almost November 4th election day!!! I love you blogging friends. IT feels so good to be back, so good!

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